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Thursday, February 17, 2011

$7 Gas? The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling! Real News?

Gas Prices in Atlanta, Chicken Little Reports the News!!
11 Alive Reports Breaking News, Maybe?

11 Alive's "Most Viewed News Story"  on their website and heard being rebroadcast on the radio this morning is :

"7-Dollars A Gallon For Gas? In Worst Case Scenario, Maybe."

Honestly I should have stopped reading at maybe.

Wow, so I heard it on the radio, I thought, that gas prices were to rise to $7 a gallon. I was a bit panicked to say the least. I lost my Job last December and have been struggling pursuing a Career as a Comedian and Humorist while looking for a replacement job! I can barely fill up my car now when I need to and I don't even travel very often, thank goodness because I can't afford to replace the brakes, but I guess running out of fuel I cannot afford will certainly stop my vehicle.

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I really hate to call someone or a company out but 11 Alive News Atlanta are you a serious "News" agency or did it turn to creative writing? At the very least put the disclaimer that comes after Law and Order saying that although this may depict real situations not facts were wrangled in the writing of this article.

Yes the Author of the article Keith Whitney did say maybe but he also said many experts! 
Quit fussing at me! Keep Reading! You may giggle and think a bit!

11 Alive News Atlanta, are you hiring? I write, I am told I am pretty funny and I can certainly embellish or make up events. Without question I can make up scenarios of what could happen to get you guys on the radio or reprinted. I can certainly find MANY experts. Do they have to be experts on the topic I am writing about? Oh according to the article, I guess not, any old expert will do.

So the article clearly states "What Could Happen", based purely in speculation by some guy in Cobb County who is in charge of something and evidently the president of a financial company. I know he is an expert because the author quoted him in the article. Quoted him say "If and could" and of course "Domino Effect" because just saying that sounds scary. I believe he's an expert in something, but foreign policy or economics?

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I am President of Worst Of Anything, and I think if we could get Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo back in flight, well we could send the Force with them and put an end to this whole worry. Or better yet, The Rock seems to need things to do, he is returning to wrestling. Or Brenden Frasier, I haven't seen him in a while.  Oh Now Keith Whitney don't tell me they are actors and fictional characters they are no more fictional than the President of a financial company in Cobb County playing the part of Middle Eastern affairs Specialist, is it?

My FAVORITE part of the Article is where this spot on research oriented, truth seeking reporter, heads to the street and gets public opinion and quotes. Did he have a word count to fulfill? What were the chances he was going to find someone that said, "OMG Really? Gas is going up to $7 a gallon? Awesome, my kids were getting too fat, less food for them, without hurting their feeling".

Ok I am being a little harsh and perhaps I did not hear the whole story when I searched for the article, but clearly I do NOT need all the facts to report news on the news and to have it be the most read story on the news site. Perhaps because I do NOT have a degree in journalism or writing I do not have the privilege of foregoing research, citing my work and finding multiple sources.

In his defense he did title it . I was a little perplexed at "Some experts", I only saw one, and well I am not sure why he qualifies as an expert based on the article and citations. Oh wait, there were no citations. I bet there were Thousands of expert, maybe MILLIONS now that I think about it, Keith Whitney and journalists need to protect there sources right? NOT if your going to call the experts predicting gloom and doom. Are they in fear of their life? Who is going to waste the gas to drive over and harm them? Not me, 11 Alive says I may have to pat seven dollars a gallon for gas. I can't afford the trip and I seriously doubt any of the experts are on the Bus route or a Marta Stop.

Obviously it was and IS entertaining or I would not have stopped to write about it. Although,  The Rock, Those Pyramid Movies with Brendan Frasier and Star Wars are VERY entertaining, but  I hardly call them "News".

It was Like Chicken Little was reporting the News. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling." Anything could happen. He could be right. Gas prices could go to $10 a gallon, but you never know someone could invent a beam that ports us magically from one destination to another. Then when the 11 Alive News team goes out to get those quotes about the publics concerns at the rising gas prices, they will just look at him and say "Where have you been?, Beam me up Scotty!"

I wrote this satirical article just to beg the question what happened to reporting the FACTS. As well I am curious how adding additional unnecessary stress to an already economically stressed out population is going to help them prepare? It would be more believable, the possibility, if it had been a specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs being quoted, and yes more than one. A financial person seems to have a lot to gain by stirring people up emotionally in matters of survival. War is big business, conservation is ours. I would have even bought an article that brought some ideas or solutions to help folks prepare, rather than scare!

Stay Tuned Tomorrow when 11 Alive goes undercover at a Paper Factory to find a serial killer.... based on reports of an unusually high number of paper cuts being reported.

I'm Tammy, I am a Comedian and Humorist, this was not the news, or was it?
"7-Dollars A Gallon For Gas? In Worst Case Scenario, Maybe."
And NO I did not watch the video, I still like to read, plus I am still paying off student loans proving I c

11 Alive call me, I am available to write for you guys!

Tammy Johnson Collins, President of Worst Of Anything!
Paris Hilton of the Trailer Park, Social Lady Bug, and
Hungry Comic! 

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