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Monday, December 27, 2010

Nice. When the whole Christmas scene is just not tacky enough

Nice. When the whole Christmas scene is just not tacky enough

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick Mix, save time and Money! Tammy's Holiday Recipes!

Party Mix Anyone Can Fix.... 

1 package of Ramen Noodles
Accidently drop packet of Ramen Noodles on ground while bringing in groceries (other packets/flavors of Ramen Noodles)
For folks with no budget I suggest Top Ramen.
Run over with the car tire. Act surprised.
Get bowl dump contents, find seasoning packet
Lightly, I mean a drop, oil (water if you have none)

 Serve Large Shots of Pure Grain Alcohol or Tequila.
Serve Party Mix

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I Need A Hand Job - Commerical [LMAO]

Always a favorite!!! Need a Holiday Gift? Feed a Comic and Save a Life.... Oops, I mean Laugh!
Look for Worst Of Anything or Tammy Jo on all your favorite Networking sites! We get around!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wow... Really?? Government Cheese at it's best

Really? SO I get a cell phone if I get welfare? Sign me up. Whew the perks of childbirth, unemployement and.... hey that is not very perky.

Grrrr unbelievable. Government cheese ... At it's best

IHop .... Atlanta .... Yuck

IHop .... Atlanta .... Yuck... Hard to eat after that ..

Giant Pixie Stix... Nuff Said

Giant Pixie Stix... Nuff Said... Kelly , Tammy ..... Not enough sleep and pure sugar ...

Worst Promotion ideas ever!! Coke Zero and Hershey's

Worst Promotion ideas ever!! Coke Zero and Hershey's

If you can't afford the electric maybe you shouldn't buy a condo !!

Condo in downtown Atlanta $500,000, Yearly Member fees $2000, saving money via extension cord..... priceless

Hmmmm upscale Atlanta Condominium , concierge and private parking.... Cord using outlet in the hall in the most expensive on the floor ... Priceless....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

There is an app for that.. Fit or fugly wow

There's an app for that.... Wondering if your attractive? Well evidently there is an app for that ... Even comes with a warning " if you are deemed fugly just embrace it" it claims to be 100% accurate....

Wow.... Yes I downloaded it

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On set

Your having a bad day when you have to convince them you are NOT a stripper ......

Monday, September 20, 2010

What happens when the bed Rockets are Used

And I thought my last hotel room was bad. This is what happens when you use those bed rockets .... For those following along the view from the stall tour you will get that reference :)If you don't read the how it all started article. The Funny pictures and events that started it all.

Last Stop.....well it may be...

Says one stop but should be last stop .... It is across from the luxury open air "organic " hotel ;) 
And If you do stop there, you are not going anywhere... Notice the gas!

The Phone Of Doom.........

Internet Fax

The Phone of DOOM... Located at the creepiest hobbit motel!
My first thought is no one living or staying at this place had a quarter or whatever it had gone up to to use this phone.

The only thing intact outside the Dwarf dwelling oddly enough was a pay phone...... If in fact anyone does stay here... ummmmm funny I think they will not have a quarter.

Mmmmm It;s a restbroom

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Dr. Pepper, I Need A Hand Job - (video) to open my soda!

Dear Dr. Pepper, I Need A Hand Job - (video) to open my soda!Please make it loose enough so on days when I am overly stressed and I really want to be a pepper too, I can be Dr. Pepper.... Please

Friday, September 10, 2010

This is the "Best of Everything" from the The Good

Amazing giant size donut. That are absolutely amazing :) Thank you to
the amazing Gina Robertson ( photographer) and Tom Spencer( musician)
for spoiling me:) and being two of the most incredible people I
know !! That is a fact!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

When crickets attack...

So I try to be a"nature lover" and save the cricket that enters the
house in the wee hours..... Why is a cricket even up at this hour? And
why is he waiting at my door?

So I do my duty to try and save him, capture him and do a "release"
back into the wild.... Or at the very least back onto my porch. Not
because I have a special desire to let more moths in, bur because
someone once told me it was bad luck if I killed a cricket ......

Well so off I go trying to sneak quietly around the house to capture
the green beast ( by beast I mean a smallish size , more than likely a
hyper infant , hence the late hours, or perhaps a dwarfed teen
cricket , which explains the sneaking out. Or rather sneaking in. )
So I am trying to be silent as not to wake up my college age daughter
and her friend , who just drove from NC to surprise me and see my
show. Woot woot.

Live on the main stage.... Tammy ... Tammy to the mainstage.... And
there is the pole... And lord knows , even at my age, I am hanging
onto the stripper hair as long as possible. Until I get to that "short
hair age" not sure what the age is but it happens... Honestly have you
ever seen an old lady with hair to her ass? No I did not think you

Uh oh all that and wrong stage turns out it isn't my first time as a
stripper on the mainstage ..... It is in fact a comedic performance.
Well come to think of it , it would be comedy either way and perhaps
even more amusing to see me on a stripper pole rather than a mic....
Hopefully both my stand up and strip tease are equally comedic .

So I try to capture the mini cricket . Sneaking up behind it and of
course like with ALL stupid ideas... It attacks. Not the normal I am
gonna jump then hide. But more the I am going to jump and jump and
jump and jump and land on the giant trying to capture me over and
over.... Causing the giant to jump. So now we have me quietly
screaming and jumping. Out of control cricket which I am only saving
because someone told me if I killed a cricket it was bad luck ... I
also don't eat turkey sandwiches for lunch because I have convinced
myself thst I will fall fast asleep if I do....

So jumping noisy lucky cricket , jumping giant screaming
internally .... When I realize it isn't a cricket at all. I look for
Pinocchio or Geppeto and realize it isn't Jimminy at all but a
grasshopper..... So I squished it.... Only bad luck there was for the
grasshopper and the fact I don't drink .... Ha!

Ok no crickets were harmed in the creation of this story ....


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ladies Choice.... Men get Lucky.... Lucky Numbers that is... although if she asks you for some quarters it may be your night!

Interestingly enough the BP at the Winder exit not only has a drainage issue see next pictures but filthy . Perhaps the Execs higher up in the company should have consulted this BP station on how to plug a hole!

In addition it has an overt display of role reversal in society today !! Hey. Condoms in the Ladies room and a scale in the mens. Oh but the men can get "lucky " well numbers at least . If she asks for quarters, it may be your night!!
That is NOT gonna help!!
Ladies choice all skate all skate. Fluzey
Ahhh and a scale for the MEN, yup not the ladies, Suck it in man it will make your umm umm smile look bigger. 
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We Have a Winner.... the August 2010 Worst of Anything "UGLY" award goes to...... this miserably disgusting shell station, Andersonville exit 21 on I 85

Ok I have just been whst I think may be THE most disgusting public rr ever. Even ants. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a picture of an ant ? Although if smelled clean did they really think the sent of pine sol would confuse us into thinking the caked filth was not there ??? 
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If you need this sign

If you need this .... Then you could not have passed the drivers test ... I'm just sayin 
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Really She is surprised?? Surely Not!

I seriously just met s woman who told me this little piece of Americana was about to be wiped by the state. She seemed genuinly surprised and distraught. So I asked "why". And she said " I have no idea " really ma'am non? Well now we know how it happened 

BYOP... Bring your own Phone

THE BEST Rest AREA EVER I am serious... Sweet!

This is possibly THE most amazing place I have ever EVER seen. This truly earns the Worst of Anything seal of approval as the Best and the Good catagory. All real. All free cleanest place ever. Although I did think it was a trick for minute and was waiting for a deranged man with an ax to pop out of the closet. But it never happenned 

Best Rest Area Evah evah evah

I swear this is real and I had to turn around !!!