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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wow... Really?? Government Cheese at it's best

Really? SO I get a cell phone if I get welfare? Sign me up. Whew the perks of childbirth, unemployement and.... hey that is not very perky.

Grrrr unbelievable. Government cheese ... At it's best

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  1. In the early 1990's American Dairy Farmers cried they were not making money causing them economic grief, from the Government cheese distribution to the Needy. The American Dairy Farmers rallied the various Government Agencies claiming that noone was buying enough cheese from local shopping stores because of the distrubution program to Food Banks. That because of Food Banks, there was no need for those in need to buy it and caused them losses. It did not seem to matter that the Needy could not afford the cheese anyway. The programs ended and forced those who relied upon local Food Banks to go without, whilst the same populous that could afford grocery store cheese continued to buy it as they always had in the first place. This surplus cheese that once went to the needy in the United States now gets shipped elswhere oversee's or destroyed. There has not been any significant increase in the sales of cheese from the Food Banks downfall.