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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How do I love thee?Let me count the plays..... Dating Advice from "Other Kitty" via the Worst of Anything!

I am ever so thankful to NOT be on the dating scene anymore.... although I considered my self a professional dater.... and I certainly can give the step by step play book on how to date as a part time job, and not be a well, ahem!!  Maybe I will reveal the secrets one day... it works for both guys and gals, I would think, and I do certainly give free pointers to friends....  I am an excellent wing man......or woman!

Oh but as always.... back to the point!!

Being single.... how refreshing would it be for folks NOT to try so hard..... and to try harder!!

Makes no sense huh? Not try so hard to date.... say all the right things, pretend, overlook the obvious "I know he is missing all of his front teeth, but oh did you see his smile?" No my friend I did not see his smile, nor could I hear what he was saying, I was entirely too distracted by the gaping hole where his teeth used to be....... Ahhh but at the break up we notice the missing enamel don't we? "That no good toothless cheat!!"
 This brings me to..............
Point number one: Dental Hygene is a must, ok that is not my point but obviously if they can't take care of their teeth, or whatever it might be well they probably aren't going to take care of you...... insert any flaw here: kids, child support, VD (HA), push up bra, etc.
If you notice something that is obviously wrong or incompatable on the first three dates.... well RUN, there are plenty of homeless kitty's on the prowel looking for a meal, find the one that you aren't allergic to!

Brings me to point two, ........ to be continued....

Which brings me to the point of this post..... Dating and relationship advice.... my brand of course....but I need a place to start....  please pass this post along and encourage friends to send me an e-mail with a "question", the more questions the better and they can certainly remain annonomous but the better the questions, well the better (funnier, harsher) the answers. Send questions to

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