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Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is NOT Mine, But I really had to share!!

I try to stick with ALL original content but occasionally I come across something that is just too funny to pass up...... this is one of those times!!! Props to the creative and sick minds that put this together =)

Friday, January 8, 2010

I finally found out what a Bud Light Girl was......... .... Who Knew??

Ok so you ever had that really?? That's it moment??

Well I was at an Awesome Party at my local Hangout Taco Mac in Douglasville and prior, I was sending out the invites, promotions, etc.... and everyone kept emphasizing and REMINDING me that the "Bud Light Girls" were coming...... well I am a chick so I was like So what..... and I kindly asked the owner and the Bud Light rep "What about the Bud Light Guys, for the Ladies", the first laughed and said he would check into it..... the second never responded..... in his defense he may have never seen it... it was a post on a facebook status message.....

ANYWAY!! LO and Behold I get to the party and I am looking around for these highly praised "Bud Light Girls" .... I saw nothing.... I envisioned scantily clad hot women in front of giant beer buckets handing out beers and prizes! I kept looking.... and still nothing!! All the BUD reps were gathered at a table in the front and I eyed their table.... No scantily clad women there....

There were however these two very cute young looking girls, completely covered....I thought they were one of the guys girlfriends or something!!

IMAGINE if you will my COMPLETE and total disappointment that THESE two cute girls, that were in completely modest attire were IN FACT the Bud Light Girls.... WTH!!!

Now don't get me wrong, I am not into girls..... but I had pictured the "Bud Light Guys" as being Chippendale like.... scantily clad and handing out beads to overly excited middle age empty nesting moms like myself (Not me personally I have my own hottie at home... Love you honey, in case he reads this) HA!........ Yeah..... COMPLETE disappointment..... When did the beer companies put clothes on their representatives..... If they do provide us "Bud Light Boys" what do I say to my girlfriends I have encouraged to come when well...... yes...... I think I met the "Bud Light Boys"......


That means the 44 year old guy that gave us a shirt and was introduced as Pa Pa Stud Muffin IS their "Bud Light Boy"........ Awww although we did get personally delivered Bud T-shirts and Koozies... and he bought my new friend dinner and drinks..... couldn't it have happened shirtless, ripped and young????

Not that I should be so picky .... I mean we certainly got more personal service..... and I'm no Bud Light Girl.... but come on.......

Monday, January 4, 2010

It just keeps getting better....... ready for a Photo shoot? If you kill 'em we got you covered!!!

Awww yes yes folks this is a FULL size Medical Gurney .... NO I was not at a hospital......

Exactly how accident prone is one that they have their own gurney??

Better yet was where I was.... this building provided me with COUNTLESS pictures..... we were there supporting James on a photo shoot and creating reel...... SO while they were "taping" we were exploring and WOW what an adventure =)

The condition of the bathroom may explain the gurney, HA!!

Or the elevator......... One of those times where you know you need to take the stairs..... oh but wait I will be making a photo montage of this place..... we laughed until we were in tears..... stay tuned!! The "View From Beyond the Stall" continues...... I don't think there will EVER be a lack of material!! HA!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Really??? Can that be possible??

Ok my New Years resolution and commitment to me......... post more...... get it out of my head before I forget it and share the silliness that is my life.

New things are happening all for the better. I am not usually all that serious, but here we go...... on shot at normal..... bear with me! Ha!!

What is it they say about one door closing and another one opening?? I believe it to be true, I always have and this year life has brought me a door slamming shut. I could not be more grateful sometimes for the things that would make the ordinary person panic!! As the door slammed and I was faced with the harsh reality that something that meant so much to me did not share my mutual live or respect it has given me the courage to do what I wanted to do, needed to do and love to do. I would have never done it on my own...... or not with the fervor and commitment that I can now!!

I have never been more excited about the direction my life is taking!! It is full of friends, love, parties and laughter and I cannot wait to share my journey!!

So my commitment is to post more, daily, play harder, plan the BIGGEST and baddest parties for the COOLEST folks!! Promote the music I love..... share my offbeat humor and make this the beginning of the best times of my life!!

After the dust settles I will explain my recent career change.

In the meantime, look out for the website, my favorite things and join me for a fun time full of laughs and BAD pants!!

I love you, I thank you


Really? The reason to be Catholic.... Well and confession!