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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bring your kid to work day!!! WOW!

This is NOT what they meant by bring your daughter to work day! I am sure of it!

I am all for families spending more time together..... we certainly need it!! But I was really aiming for something like dinner!! Honestly folks!!

Sheriff: Baby Brought Along For Armed Robbery - News Story - WSB Atlanta

Sheriff: Baby Brought Along For Armed Robbery

A Waycross man is charged with bringing his 11-month-old daughter along during an armed robbery in rural Ware County.

Sheriff Randy Royal said 18-year-old Cornelius Lamar Moody, his 17-year-old girlfriend, Victoria Harris, and three others have been arrested in the robbery of a 34-year-old man inside his home early Tuesday.

Royal said the baby was in the getaway car during the robbery. He said she was dropped off at a relative's home shortly before a Ware County sheriff's deputy spotted the car and began pursuing it.

The sheriff said Moody is charged with armed robbery, burglary and cruelty to children. Harris is charged with being a party to armed robbery and burglary. Royal said Harris is not the baby's mother.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I BEG you NEVER ever do this!! This is a serious blog!

Ok I am known mainly for my humor..... or maybe the awful silver pants, but those were funny too so I guess it is actually the same, but in all honesty I do read, I am kinda bright and I know something that is STUPID, not funny when I see it.

I think this really concerned me simply because I know so many folks trying to get fit or lose weight, and I have a dear friend I help out that owns a medical weight loss clinic. Because I help the good Dr out with marketing, I have been doing reading.... A LOT of reading on weight loss, fitness, etc., as I build his web site so that I have more ideas for content, bah, blah, blah.

Which brings me to my point!! Just like with dating... if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! And in this case even dangerous, honestly I simply cannot even believe it is legal! What the hey hey!

So let me say this... DO NOT EVER, I mean ever, buy syringes for subcutaneous injections for weight loss of HGC, or anything else for that matter. The danger in self-injecting that stuff, NOT medically supervised, is well..... INSANE!!

I recently had dinner with several medical professionals, real live doctors, and although it can be amazingly effective for patients, it has to be well supervised, and I hardly think a self injection kit, a book and a DVD, bypass the need for 8years of school and 19 years of practice!! Do you? This was a normal dinner conversation we were having, they talked about the amazing benefits, but benefits come with risks which are minimized or virtually nill, if one has a doctor monitoring, taking blood, checking one out, REGULARLY.

UGHHH! I nearly died when I clicked on the page! I was totally expecting, T-shirts, measuring tapes and workout videos! Never in a million years did I anticipate an injection kit and a suggestion to buy a book! WOW! (btw I made up the DVD, I didn't see one, so I guess you just have to rely on the book and hope the publisher really checked for typos and missing pages).

If you need to lose weight, I get it, I have been ready and studying and looking for the best healthy solutions and lifestyle implementations, and as soon as I get the package together there will be an amazing website filled with wonderful ideas, recipes blogs, blah, blah. blah, but most of all SUPPORT, and it is for DOCTORS, yep, real live doctors, the ones who went to medical school that eventually get you the M.D. not PhD after your name. Which no offense to anyone with a PhD, that is truly admirable, but I don't want you showing up to do my emergency appendectomy, I want the M.D. to do it. ummm Please!

Bottom line is if you need to lose weight, let me know, I have friends. If you don't live around here, well let me know, again I have friends. At the very least research and if you need medical supervision or medical type treatments..... GO TO A DOCTOR!!

Don't get me wrong, the injections can be an amazing thing in all forms. I have seen amazing results with the ones that Dr. Moody uses to stimulate metabolism and there is another for energy, but he also requires a full medical workup. That is important. Please see a professional. I have listed two, if you need another let me know, I will find one in every state if need be. It isn't really any cheaper to Do it Yourself as well, just risky!

FYI.... stomach stapling does not require a frequent buyer card at Office Depot... I'm just saying!

Some credible folks in the state of Georgia, again just FYI are:
Life Care Medical Weight Loss Center and Life Care Family Practice- Dr. Mike Moody                    website: or
Phone: 770-949-9810
click here to Life Care Medical Weight Loss e-mail
or Dr. Carter at (he does tumescent liposuction, etc)
Or.... This is MY FAVORITE... well ok I don't want to show favoritism, but this is the good for you food, that is Yummy! I have a coupon code for the Douglasville location, if you sign up online just put woa or tammy in the coupon code in the spot and you will get a FREE meal with your 6 or 12 meal package!! YEA!!!

Have a beautiful day!! Happy Health and weight loss =)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How do I love thee?Let me count the plays..... Dating Advice from "Other Kitty" via the Worst of Anything!

I am ever so thankful to NOT be on the dating scene anymore.... although I considered my self a professional dater.... and I certainly can give the step by step play book on how to date as a part time job, and not be a well, ahem!!  Maybe I will reveal the secrets one day... it works for both guys and gals, I would think, and I do certainly give free pointers to friends....  I am an excellent wing man......or woman!

Oh but as always.... back to the point!!

Being single.... how refreshing would it be for folks NOT to try so hard..... and to try harder!!

Makes no sense huh? Not try so hard to date.... say all the right things, pretend, overlook the obvious "I know he is missing all of his front teeth, but oh did you see his smile?" No my friend I did not see his smile, nor could I hear what he was saying, I was entirely too distracted by the gaping hole where his teeth used to be....... Ahhh but at the break up we notice the missing enamel don't we? "That no good toothless cheat!!"
 This brings me to..............
Point number one: Dental Hygene is a must, ok that is not my point but obviously if they can't take care of their teeth, or whatever it might be well they probably aren't going to take care of you...... insert any flaw here: kids, child support, VD (HA), push up bra, etc.
If you notice something that is obviously wrong or incompatable on the first three dates.... well RUN, there are plenty of homeless kitty's on the prowel looking for a meal, find the one that you aren't allergic to!

Brings me to point two, ........ to be continued....

Which brings me to the point of this post..... Dating and relationship advice.... my brand of course....but I need a place to start....  please pass this post along and encourage friends to send me an e-mail with a "question", the more questions the better and they can certainly remain annonomous but the better the questions, well the better (funnier, harsher) the answers. Send questions to

Pocket Guide? My what large pockets you have!!

I just recieved my "free copy" in the mail of YES..... "Flat Belly Diet" pocket guide!

The book REALLY has a tape measure imprint on the side..... which makes the book about 7 inches tall.

The only thing that is missing is the tag line.....

The cover actually reads "Introducing the EASIEST blah blah blah diet" (ok it doesn't really say blah blah blah but once you've read one diet book cover.....well..... in the circle on the exclamation point they clevery put "Lose up to 15 lbs in 32 day!"

What they should have said is PLEASE use this book if it fits in your pocket..... you know you have reach a normal size when your pocket are no longer 7 inches by 5 inches!!!

With the exception of a Jerry Springer episode I don't think I have ever seen any pockets that large. Between the wrinkle cream adds in my Yahoo and the insinuation that I have large pockets...well I am starting to get a complex.

I'm just saying.... but they don't seem like that nice of a company!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ads that Work! Really? Wrinkle cream?

I don't think I need to add too much to this.......... Are they selling a lot of wrinkle cream using this ad or strategy? In their defense I didn't follow the link to see if there was an after picture where she looks 21 and a centerfold......

No offense but when I am her age..... wrinkle cream is going to be the last of my worries...

I don't think I need to add too much to this.......... Are they selling a lot of wrinkle cream using this ad or strategy? In their defense I didn't follow the link to see if there was an after picture where she looks 21 and a centerfold......
No offense but when I am her age..... wrinkle cream is going to be the last of my worries...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facebook, Saturday Night Live and the Miracle of Victoria's Secret!

In response to a Facebook Post on the Worst of Anything Fan Site.... I decided to turn it into a blog... I realized my answer got a little long winded as I started to realize..... well read on........

Original Post went something like this....

Worst of Anything! Just watched a commercial that explained 1 out of 4 women cannot read their pregnancy test..... I am thinking she should use protection and eliminate that gene pool :)

First responses were ( remember this is a facebook thread gone awry HA!)A bunch of thumbs ups for "Like" No need for an unlike button.... remember if you can't say anything nice well then say nothing at all!

Next response ( Visit this Blog HILARIOUS!!) from Cheese in My Hair (No that isn't her name,and she didn't pay me to do that, just click on the link.. geez)

Next Response (This one is going to be link less, If you really want to know who she is well you would have already known because you would have clicked on the first link and well yes, you aren't perhaps that one out of four are you? Probably not if you got that! JUST KIDDING!) Moving right along : that is hilarious. dare i mention the infomercials i saw at 4am when i was unable to sleep. one called colon flow (made me think of colon blow ad on SNL that Phil Hartman used to do) and told how much poop weighs if you don't go to the bathroom more than once a day. omg. another one was on a Spanish channel and had to do with a tummy slimming ... See Moredevice that apparently made all your fat move up to your boobs because all those women on the ad were at least DD and of course young and hot. but for $14.99 i was actually willing to give it a try.

And yes that comment my friends is what inspired the next few bits of chatter from my mind... ;o)

I am certainly all for the Tummy to the top concept, and as always Victoria's Secret beat them to it! YEP! Victoria Secret already did it for me for about $50 bucks before coupons and "boob bucks"Not really what they are called but I find it hard to refer to them as Angel bucks, because well being Angelic is really a little far off the target now isn't it? Especially when talking about skin, cleavage and I am not sure a real Angel's take on skin and cleavage, but I am pretty sure they aren't about deception. Even the Victoria's Secret models aren't deceptive... they really are that hot, AND thank goodness for that or we couldn't get significant others to shell out that kind of dough for something so small. They are simply BRILLIANT when it comes to fulfilling a woman's needs. Not only have they devised extraordinary little devices to make us feel sexy and beautiful, but they do things to us that nature never intended, and for a lot less than augmentation.