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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Bad Tiger Woods Joke.....

I apologize I just can't help it..... he is all over the news and they keep popping into my head!

Mirror mirror on the wall is Tiger woods even hot at all, If his putter wasn't so straight could he even get a date?? Men all you need is a fat wallet and a wedgie..... sand wedgie.... ok maybe I should stop with the Tiger jokes.... it is sooooo hard =)


Does a model get workman's compensation if she gets a wrinkle??????

Multimedia message

That had to hurt! New meaning to "feels like I'm pissing glass. Time to see a specialist. Or change drinks! Thanks Ed for the photo. This is a real photo we did not stage this. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Someone asked me today........

A dear friend that I have known since I was a teen posted this on my facebook status today......

I would love to know your secret for such blissful happiness in the early mornings, Tammy. It takes a few hours until I'm fit for speaking to people! Whatever it is, every morning you make me smile!!

My response..........

Ahhh ancient Japanese secret..... O no secret I am just really thankful for everything and everyone amazing in my life....... even on THE worst of days, with the worst of luck, I know that I am so freakin fortunate to have such a strong support system, plus generally as with all MPD folks the "Hazel" voice comes out to talk.... Just kidding! No voices..... well none named Hazel ;o)

Plus I know I have one more good day to suck air HA!

This was not part of the post just some additional thoughts.....

As you know I have the worst luck ever..... but it always brings the best things to me....... I could not be more pleased with the way things turn out most of the time..... even when it may seem bleak to others..... =)

I love my daughter, my family, my friends and my fans!!

Keep watching!! I have a news update and the best is yet to come!!!