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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Someone asked me today........

A dear friend that I have known since I was a teen posted this on my facebook status today......

I would love to know your secret for such blissful happiness in the early mornings, Tammy. It takes a few hours until I'm fit for speaking to people! Whatever it is, every morning you make me smile!!

My response..........

Ahhh ancient Japanese secret..... O no secret I am just really thankful for everything and everyone amazing in my life....... even on THE worst of days, with the worst of luck, I know that I am so freakin fortunate to have such a strong support system, plus generally as with all MPD folks the "Hazel" voice comes out to talk.... Just kidding! No voices..... well none named Hazel ;o)

Plus I know I have one more good day to suck air HA!

This was not part of the post just some additional thoughts.....

As you know I have the worst luck ever..... but it always brings the best things to me....... I could not be more pleased with the way things turn out most of the time..... even when it may seem bleak to others..... =)

I love my daughter, my family, my friends and my fans!!

Keep watching!! I have a news update and the best is yet to come!!!

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