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Monday, January 4, 2010

It just keeps getting better....... ready for a Photo shoot? If you kill 'em we got you covered!!!

Awww yes yes folks this is a FULL size Medical Gurney .... NO I was not at a hospital......

Exactly how accident prone is one that they have their own gurney??

Better yet was where I was.... this building provided me with COUNTLESS pictures..... we were there supporting James on a photo shoot and creating reel...... SO while they were "taping" we were exploring and WOW what an adventure =)

The condition of the bathroom may explain the gurney, HA!!

Or the elevator......... One of those times where you know you need to take the stairs..... oh but wait I will be making a photo montage of this place..... we laughed until we were in tears..... stay tuned!! The "View From Beyond the Stall" continues...... I don't think there will EVER be a lack of material!! HA!


  1. I swear you can find humor in almost anything. Love you!

  2. Oh! And why is my blog site NOT listed in your blog list.....??? hmmmmmm young lady????