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Friday, November 13, 2009

What am I up to??? Where is the PARTY???


Well a little disclaimer...... not sure if this will be funny, but just a streaming bunch of thoughts to kind of get you up to date!!

Who am I?? A forty year old empty nester that has discovered, rediscovered and is discovering life all over again at 40!!

What I discovered??
In the past year or so, ah give or take a couple..... I found a group of friends that just wants things to do!! Maybe mostly me but I think we are all having a great time=) Anywho, I have an amazing network of friends, very few business associates and a bazillion invites daily to all different kinds of events...... Let me regress back to business associates..... I say I have very few, because I don't much like to do "business" with someone I can't call friend..... My friends take care of me, and I hope I can take care of them... so that's what I mean by that!!

Ok now back to my purpose and where's the party......

Like I said I get lots of invites and I LOVE going to everything I can..... love planning events, hanging out in bars, listening to music.... dancing, talking and laughing, BUT most of the events have been geared towards the "younger set" (only in age mind you) So I wanted to make a forum for my age group.... the eighties babies and a little each way the grads from the 70's, 80's and early nineties. Parties and events where we can all hang together...... so my goal is to create lists of places, where we can have fun, meet different folks and have an amazing time..... Plus plan a few.....

I'm creating a website.... although I need LOTS of help.... =) That will have all the funny stuff, plus a directory of venues...... what I think of em....... and start planning events...

The first will be local to my old stomping ground.... A "Rock and Roll reunion"... stay tuned should be a BLAST!!

The sky is the limit..... let the good times begin!!

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