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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ladies Choice.... Men get Lucky.... Lucky Numbers that is... although if she asks you for some quarters it may be your night!

Interestingly enough the BP at the Winder exit not only has a drainage issue see next pictures but filthy . Perhaps the Execs higher up in the company should have consulted this BP station on how to plug a hole!

In addition it has an overt display of role reversal in society today !! Hey. Condoms in the Ladies room and a scale in the mens. Oh but the men can get "lucky " well numbers at least . If she asks for quarters, it may be your night!!
That is NOT gonna help!!
Ladies choice all skate all skate. Fluzey
Ahhh and a scale for the MEN, yup not the ladies, Suck it in man it will make your umm umm smile look bigger. 
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