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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Devil Dating Dot Com, and Christian singles

Ahhh peculiar, yet understandable as it is.... there is a dating site for Christian Singles...... so I wish to start my own site Devil Dating Dot Com and of course begin the listings with my exes......and judging from most of the conversations folks have regarding their exes I certainly know all these scoundrels need somewhere to go, we certainly don't want them tainting the waters of the Christian dating scene........... I think I am on to something. I almost feel like I have found my purpose...... Ok Maybe not but you can never tell who will sign up.

Oh Yeah, I Did In Fact Place That Ad With This Post! HA!


I promise you that is a real link to a real site...... I wouldn't make that up!

Or I suppose Devil Dating Dot Com, For all of you who couldn't find a date on Christian singles and told them to go to ...... Ahem

1 comment:

  1. i so want to taint the waters of the Christian Dating scene. do people really date according to religious beliefs? i mean what if someone is really awesome, but Buddhist? does that break the deal?