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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Good News........

Ahhhh.... the good news.... someone just turned to me and said "Why do they have to tell us that?" Why do we need to know that another child dies by accident?" To which I promptly responded, "would you watch if they did a report on the days soccer happenings at the local field, where everything turned out 'just fine'?"

The response of course was no, and we know that no one would watch............. hmmm although I am not sure how a purely sad story about a mistake is really news, but it evidently makes people watch and until folks want to hear the good news well I think that is how newscasts will stay.

So I thought about what makes it, even "News Worthy"? Doesn't seem to make it unless there is drama..... so since The Douglasville Business Alliance only got attention due to what I call an accidental annoyance, I certainly did not mean to be annoying, I thought "What else will make folks pay attention?" How about "Douglasville Saturday Night Live?" except on a Thursday and a local cast? Plenty to satire..... hmmm who wants to be the mayor? Or at least play on on TV? =)

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