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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Georgia Extending school hours by an additional two! Instead Of Extending Hours, Here's an Idea!

Back to the good old days. perhaps?
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An Idea, a continuation of the previous post, regarding ....
Georgia Extending school hours by an additional two!

Instead Of Extending Hours, Here's an Idea!

I have a novel idea. Perhaps instead of the state of Georgia changing the teacher certification tests, the professional standards and the overall education system every time our children fail , or our teachers. Perhaps we should turn to a state with an above average success rate and follow their model.

Otherwise us southerners are going to look as much like short bus hillbilly's as the North already believes. Let's put down the rebel flags (FYI, not only is the South NOT going to rise again, well folks, it never rose, we lost the war. Fact even I got that much out of my Georgia history class)

I say we because I have essentially grown up in the South, however I did go to school in the North prior and honestly, I WAS in fact way further ahead of my classmates when I arrived. Have no fear my Georgia teachers put me well behind the learning curve.

Whew and luckily my Higher Southern Education didn't do much better. After all my Alma Mater is the Largest private educator of teachers in the state of Georgia. OUCH! They may want to keep that under their hat huh?
We are NOT less capable of learning when you pass the Mason Dixon line, so can someone in the Georgia Legislature PAY ATTENTION? Use a wee bit of common sense? Just Saying!

Why am I qualified to talk about this? Well perhaps I am not, but I have a Combination Education Undergraduate Degree. Mathematics, Science and Humanities (I was almost you kids teacher).
A graduate Degree, Masters, in Computer Science with an emphasis in security and I started another Masters degree that I hoped would end in a forensics Psychology Degree.
I need a vacation, don't you? This is depressing!
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I taught a a Highly regarded (not by me, another story, another time) private University and I was an Administrator at the same University for years, Director of Admissions, when they broke up with me. I still think they owe me a refund. Any attorneys out there want to take on the case? Should be hilarious even if it isn't won, but honestly I think I make a GREAT Point.... again another story!

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I have more, I am sure this will be continued!

Much Love, Please Comment! Tammy
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