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Friday, March 4, 2011

Part 1 1/2 Wal-Mart, Man Passing Out panty Photos! O-H-I-O

What Do A Man at Wal-Mart Leaving Risque ,(or rather risky as it may be) Pictures, of himself in Wal-Mart Lingerie, Shopping and Anal Bleach have in common?
But I tied them together!

So I had Wondered ......Just Recently, WHO would Need Some of These Products from Oh how I love this place. First because it has some amazing products I could never dream up. Second because well somethings you just don't want to go to target for and ESPECIALLY not Wal-Mart!

And Low and Behold Rodney Kunkle, The Wal-Mart Lingerie Model / Wanna be Playmate enters my life.
Get you Own  Sexy Panties at I, Personally, GUARANTEE you will look hotter!
THERE is NOT a panty that could work for him! A mask perhaps?

He needs these Enemeez Mini Enemas and I wonder if they also sell a do it yourself lobotomy kit! Oh Wait He doesn't need a lobotomy, he already appears to be without part of his mind.......But he enemas from

Perhaps someone should have told Ohio's finest this first for items that cure embarrassing ailments. Seems like modeling panties in a Wal-Mart may be one of those embarrassing ailments, thoughts?

Or at the VERY LEAST Rodney wear a costume, a mask, anything. It's a bad day when even at Wal-Mart you are not hot! OUCH! Over 10,000 Costumes - Why Shop Anywhere Else?

No one knows better than ever so newly famous Mr. Kunkle Knows Going to the store can be embarrassing. Shop in private at

He should really read my blogs!
Tammy, I am the Hungry Comic! Please read the Shameless disclaimer below and feed me!
Over 10,000 Costumes - Why Shop Anywhere Else?

Shameless Plug/Plea  Please remember to shop using the links on our sites, and PLEASE share. This is my only income, entertainment, and laughter may be good medicine but it is Heck on the mortgage! Please shop, if you do not see it ask! 
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I have ONLY partnered with companies I know love and trust!! Or I think are Unique and Hilarious! 

For his NEXT BIG Idea Perhaps he should try these?

In case he Shiiiiii, (you get the idea) himself when he realized, posting Pantie pics at Wal-Mart IS a felony! Good to know! I repeat! It IS a felony!

Lady Bugs, However ....uh!
Much Love,
Tammy, THE Hungry Comic, Paris Hilton of the Trailer Park!

NOT Rodney!

LOOK if the panties don't work, well they come with male, well you look!

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