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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Over 18 Shhh, Tiny Bubbles, Well Tiny Something! BEST Products! Nice!

Shhh, Tiny Bubbles, Well Tiny Something!
BEST Products! Nice!

So I have been partnering with different companies lately.
Girls' gotta get fed, one way or another. 

So first I hope you click on the links and shop and I hope you get a chuckle over the reviews, and get the things you need, even if you MUST shop in private.

I of course poke fun at everything. Usually me. This website ROCKS! Get something you need completely in secret or get a giggle.

Now I know I have been hoping for a Dictoria's Secret, but until then for all you less "fortunate" guys (and even less fortunate girl friends). Order Your "Tiny Condoms" right here.

And who doesn't Need Anal bleaching cream. Really? Call me low maintenance but I never thought about it. I have been to concerned about fighting the gray hairs it never occurred to me it may be my anal hair that is turning people off. Evidently there is a need for this so I feel like I am doing a public service.
Anal Bleaching Cream I am dead serious, this is a real product from a real company and if you need it, they are evidently INCREDIBLY Discreet. Good to know!

Oh the list goes on and on. They have is broken down into sections like "Embarrassing" , "Strange"  and many more interesting categories.

My Apologies to the ladies looking for that Cone Shaped Vibrator, seems they are completely sold out, sad, I know! 
But try here, perhaps they have something to fulfill your inner kink! Over 10,000 Sex Toys!

All my Love,
I think my next segment is Products for sale I never believed existed, and even my sick mind could not have come up with!

Over 10,000 Sex Toys!

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